Parques Nacionales de Tanzania

Parques Nacionales de Tanzania

Tanzania: paraíso del Safari Park en África

A la hora de realizar un safari, uno de los puntos más importantes es, sin duda, Tanzania. Desde Safari Park les ofrecemos una lista de los Parques Nacionales del país, entre los que se encuentran algunos espacios declarados Patrimonio de la Humanidad, como es el Parque Nacional del Serengeti o el del Monte Kilimanjaro, en la imagen en una fotografía que mostraba su glaciar en los años 90 del siglo XX.

Esta es la lista de los Parque Nacionales de Tanzania, donde se puede observar la vida animal africana en todo su esplendor.


Parque Nacionales de Tanzania

Listado por orden alfabético:

  • Parque Nacional de Arusha
  • Parque Nacional del Gombe Stream
  • Parque Nacional del Jozani Chwaka Bay
  • Parque Nacional de Katavi
  • Parque Nacional del Kilimanjaro
  • Parque Nacional de Kitulo
  • Parque Nacional del lago Manyara
  • Parque Nacional de los montes Mahale
  • Parque Nacional de Mikumi
  • Parque Nacional de Ruaha
  • Parque Nacional de la isla de Rubondo
  • Parque Nacional del Saadani
  • Parque Nacional del Serengeti
  • Parque Nacional del Tarangire
  • Parque Nacional de los montes Udzungwa
  • jam

    Queridoa amigos, os dejo el enlace a un video que hemos realizado sobre los parques nacionales y reservas del sur de Tanzania

    • Izun

      Well, we also love the zoo in our family. When I first had baeibs a wise women told me to take my kids to the zoo because it is such a wonderful multi-sensory experience. You can see, smell, hear & touch plants & animals. It’s a great learning place- for everyone from little baeibs to really old baeibs. That same wise lady usually gets our family a zoo pass, so we have been to several zoos in our travels. So, the only zoo that I know of that rivals San Diego (both in my opinion & in the polls) is the Columbus Zoo. It’s a Jack Hanna Zoo with about 7000 animals. (San Diego has just over 4000.) You don’t find more than that unless they are counting aquariums. Another great zoo is the National Zoo (DC). I also really like the Cleveland Zoo. It’s actually amazing to me how much better the zoos are in the east. (More taxes, I guess.) However, I do think the Oakland Zoo & SF Zoo are pretty good now they they have make some improvements. Here are some other good zoos you should check out if you get the chance: Pittsburgh, Philly, Bronx, Phoenix, Cincinnati. (I also hear the Indy Zoo is good, never been there.) Another zoo that I want to go to is the one in Chicago (called by another name). There are also some great aquariums & zoo like places, like Sea World, that are amazing. Have Fun!

  • Safari Park

    Muchas gracias jam, recibe un cordial saludo.

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